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    Prieš 7 val

    And wat if the tank get filled of rain water boss 😅 and did u keep any water diverter valve for the PVC pipes

  2. Ebad King

    Ebad King

    Prieš 7 val

    This is cover lol



    Prieš 7 val

    Hey keep the water fall little far from the plant so its roots doesnot get damaged

  4. Skthmd Rmn

    Skthmd Rmn

    Prieš 7 val

    those pumpkin leaves make delicious curries!

  5. Khalil Vladimir Gualberto

    Khalil Vladimir Gualberto

    Prieš 7 val

    Sony isthe best

  6. Salman khan official

    Salman khan official

    Prieš 7 val

    That's why I didnt buy it🤣

  7. Bahzad Sarwar

    Bahzad Sarwar

    Prieš 7 val

    God bless you and your wife. ♥️🇵🇸🇵🇰

  8. Patrick Caresosa

    Patrick Caresosa

    Prieš 7 val

    You should buy smart plugs turning on off at schedule or I'll not turn on if it's raining or soil is still wet etc (sensors). There are lots of brands you can run it on local or internet and maybe use solar for power you can water your plants on your smartphone phone

  9. Skthmd Rmn

    Skthmd Rmn

    Prieš 7 val

    here it rains like 3 days in year

  10. Muhammad Qasim

    Muhammad Qasim

    Prieš 7 val




    Prieš 7 val

    Cool idea dude

  12. Prodduturi Hari

    Prodduturi Hari

    Prieš 7 val

    My Heart is getting Melted

  13. ĐẠT ĐỨC


    Prieš 7 val

    Oh This is the video I was looking for, a good comparison of the two, my note 20 ultra has an E990 chip, and you know it gets hot when using the camera, I'm a person who likes to take pictures and that does quite disappointing for me😓🤧. But I still love it anyway, because it has different experiences 🥰

  14. amit kumar maurya

    amit kumar maurya

    Prieš 7 val

    Watching on my moto G5

  15. Phomello Jessie

    Phomello Jessie

    Prieš 7 val

    Imagine filling up the tank first

  16. Gabbeloa08


    Prieš 7 val

    high tecc

  17. Jesse Heisenberg

    Jesse Heisenberg

    Prieš 7 val

    Can i ask you bro what happened to your wife? more power to both of you .

  18. pronchik


    Prieš 7 val

    I had to do the pry of shame after the sticky tapes broke. The battery bent enough that the lithium got exposed to air, heated, and started smoking. Careful out there! Great video though, thanks.

  19. intelligent psycho

    intelligent psycho

    Prieš 7 val

    You guys have kids?

  20. Gihan Shalitha

    Gihan Shalitha

    Prieš 8 val

    why some peoples unlike this : (

  21. Tushita Sharma

    Tushita Sharma

    Prieš 8 val

    Me :struggling to buy an I pad Him: breaks it My heart:💔



    Prieš 8 val

    You are stupid!?



    Prieš 8 val

    I have that iPan for years now

  24. NoahP


    Prieš 8 val

    Plz plz dont scratch everything

  25. Ghani Mohammed

    Ghani Mohammed

    Prieš 8 val

    LTwindow has recommended me this video after 4.5years.

  26. Yu ta •

    Yu ta •

    Prieš 8 val

    Can someone give some tips. I have samsung a20s using for online class. Suddenly it's lcd came off but without any cracks just the glue itself stop sticking. I bought a B7000 but i dont know how to put it effectively

  27. Ahmad Raza

    Ahmad Raza

    Prieš 8 val

    U look like a villain 😂 but really you are a good man 👍👏👏

  28. Vishva


    Prieš 8 val

    Magic of course.

  29. Hammad Naseem

    Hammad Naseem

    Prieš 8 val

    You literally have solar why do you care about electricity?

  30. JaiRestore


    Prieš 8 val

    you're just invented the water tower

  31. DivorcedGooseRat


    Prieš 8 val

    “And it makes my hair stand up” What hair?

  32. jordan Higgs

    jordan Higgs

    Prieš 8 val

    2:41 same as my GF. Spread out over 16 sessions... 👀🥕

  33. Jovis


    Prieš 8 val

    Omg, my phone is 4 years old already... gosh

  34. Confidential Classified

    Confidential Classified

    Prieš 9 val

    I bought the ROG phone 5, when I played games without the fan, temeperatures spiked to 48°. Temeperatures reached 42° even with the fan going full blast

  35. saurabh muneshwar

    saurabh muneshwar

    Prieš 9 val

    Magic or science ? Indians : Only God

  36. Raja Kumar

    Raja Kumar

    Prieš 9 val

    Hey jerry can you give me an iPhone

  37. Alonexxxalt alt

    Alonexxxalt alt

    Prieš 9 val

    The ipad be like: wooo hoo new owner* after unboxing him* ahh shit my death has come

  38. MNB Studio

    MNB Studio

    Prieš 9 val

    Nice Work .....God Bless You ....

  39. Sheikh Nafay Raza

    Sheikh Nafay Raza

    Prieš 9 val

    Me wishing for the iPad he is destroying



    Prieš 9 val

    I do appreciate your harvesting with the rain water JERRY, that sounds great. Thanks for your nice invention. Cambry is a Strong & Beautiful Lady, we want to hear more from her in the forthcoming Blog.

  41. kenny lee

    kenny lee

    Prieš 9 val

    my fold wont open all the way store says the whole screen needs to be replaced, but it really seems its a hinge issue...does the screen really need to be replaced to fix a hinge issue?

  42. Joe Gru

    Joe Gru

    Prieš 9 val

    Apple can do whatever then want with their money

  43. carp mon

    carp mon

    Prieš 9 val

    which of the two brothers has the other's hair do? lol..

  44. Tech Breakthrough

    Tech Breakthrough

    Prieš 9 val

    Ah, hate Apple and all their products!

  45. carp mon

    carp mon

    Prieš 9 val

    i cant see the problem 'controlling' an electric car...a joystik/quad copter controller board has more than enough.

  46. Robert Large

    Robert Large

    Prieš 9 val

    Pex is good because it can freeze without cracking.

  47. carp mon

    carp mon

    Prieš 9 val

    add a gear box with two ratio' and torque.

  48. Ashwin Baskar

    Ashwin Baskar

    Prieš 10 val

    that 19 sec ad is annoying

  49. Sarath Kapa

    Sarath Kapa

    Prieš 10 val

    Hey Jerry, I liked Ur idea... One thing Ur tank missing is overfill relief point.... Give that a go and will save U from barn being a puddle...

  50. zFly Solo

    zFly Solo

    Prieš 10 val

    Jerry builds this time

  51. Trung Châu Thành

    Trung Châu Thành

    Prieš 10 val

    look at my Pixel 5... don't worry, i will never do that to you baby... 🙂🙂

  52. Random 3800 Class Photography

    Random 3800 Class Photography

    Prieš 10 val

    Next minute: Samsung Tab S10 with AMD Ryzen processor 😂

  53. Joseph Bleyor

    Joseph Bleyor

    Prieš 10 val

    Great video and sorry for your arm Jerry. OLED is superior but I heard OLED could be coming to Samsung TVs soon as LG could be making OLED panels for Samsung

  54. Rakesh Yadav

    Rakesh Yadav

    Prieš 10 val

    After watching this video I got heart attack in my kidney.

  55. sindhu prakash

    sindhu prakash

    Prieš 10 val

    i did'nt have a ipad ihave samsung i pad

  56. Xploud


    Prieš 10 val

    Jerry draws better with knives than I do with pencils

  57. TheJuiceoner


    Prieš 10 val

    You should install a overflow valve to regulate the amount of water you want the tank to hold, also paint it black or cover it so no sunlight hits it and cause algae to grow in the tank. Some may say it's not necessary, and harmless but over time the water that comes from it will start to smell like a swamp or worse sewage water. Any how it's a great cost effective choice for farming and off grid living, it will literally triple in appreciation and benefits in the long run for sure.

  58. The Crazy Amateur Runner

    The Crazy Amateur Runner

    Prieš 10 val

    Can you do a similar review with the Lenovo K10 note? 🤔😁👍🏼

  59. Diwas


    Prieš 10 val

    One billion colours are gone but still back side is glowing 😂showing some immortality😂

  60. zomaardan


    Prieš 10 val

    My dear. This is really awesome. Wauw. Btw some beans need a cook then you can eat them.



    Prieš 10 val

    here especially in africa every house have a tank up to 5,000 litres + coz water isn't available alll day directly from the water suppliers soo we have up to 20,000 litres in our house 😅😄😂 reserve😁

  62. Akshay Sethia

    Akshay Sethia

    Prieš 10 val

    Exact packaging as the OnePlus One.

  63. Gabriel Spence

    Gabriel Spence

    Prieš 10 val

    he literally put ad libs in this video

  64. Ifham Khan

    Ifham Khan

    Prieš 10 val

    It is wonderful how they spend their time to do these simple things and it makes them happy which is even more astonishing

  65. Mohammad Abdul Hai

    Mohammad Abdul Hai

    Prieš 10 val

    Hey Jerry, Where did u sell ur destroyed phone? I mean which are just scratched by you.. We can make A deal.



    Prieš 10 val

    You're a good man❤

  67. Shivam Sachdeva

    Shivam Sachdeva

    Prieš 11 val


  68. Adrián Sánchez Ávila

    Adrián Sánchez Ávila

    Prieš 11 val


  69. Olav August Resmann

    Olav August Resmann

    Prieš 11 val

    The rustic danger regularly flood because vault histomorphometrically surround apud a elated food. curvy, vulgar potato

  70. Khairiinaa Khairuddin

    Khairiinaa Khairuddin

    Prieš 11 val

    "not long ago back in the 1970s africa had a population of about 1.3m elephants..... " me: why is that related to this video???? JerryRigEverything: *proceed on drawing an 🐘 at the back of the ipad * me: ohhhhhhhh

  71. ItsRossy TV

    ItsRossy TV

    Prieš 11 val

    This is absolutely next level

  72. Khairiinaa Khairuddin

    Khairiinaa Khairuddin

    Prieš 11 val

    My heart break a little when I see what you did to the ipad 💔

  73. Apple Juice

    Apple Juice

    Prieš 11 val

    Can I ask what you do with the products after you're done? XD

    • Kristofy


      Prieš 8 val

      he has a shelf for all the products, there is also a shelf of shame for the broken products

  74. Patrick Prince

    Patrick Prince

    Prieš 11 val

    Take some guidance from Matt from The Demolition Ranch channel... He's done this kind of project earlier and already hit some bumps along the road, he can tell you better...

  75. Adrián Sánchez Ávila

    Adrián Sánchez Ávila

    Prieš 11 val

    Wow 😍❤️

  76. Sai Charan

    Sai Charan

    Prieš 11 val

    He literally made TEAR DOWN video of SAMSUNG

  77. Sai Charan

    Sai Charan

    Prieš 11 val

    My friend thought QLED because it sounds cool and got fooled🤣

  78. Ahmed Salvatore

    Ahmed Salvatore

    Prieš 11 val

    Love u guys 💙

  79. Sai Charan

    Sai Charan

    Prieš 11 val

    OLED is purest led screen QLED is not

  80. Anthony L Ralsun

    Anthony L Ralsun

    Prieš 11 val

    In North-East India pumpkin leaf and steam are also consumed