A NEW Sapphire Smartphone?! - Ultra Rugged or Ultra Premium?

The Duraforce Ultra 5G is here, and its time to get tested. Get yourself protected with Bitdefender here! www.bitdefender.com/media/htm... Huge thanks to Bitdefender for sponsoring this video. The Duraforce Ultra 5G is the latest smartphone from Kyocera. With a sapphire shield screen, its time to see how durable the Duraforce Ultra 5G really is, and now much abuse it can handle. Is the Kyocera Duraforce Ultra the most durable phone of all time? It might just be...

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    Yes, I would like to have a Saphire screen on my phone I'm using an Oppo Find X2 Pro with the ceramic back, which doesn't have a single scratch on it... Yet I would like to not have to use a screen protector so a sapphire screen option would have been nice, I'd pay for that

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  49. Adam Bridges

    Adam Bridges

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    Mmmm Kyocera rugged phones. I still have my Brigadier tucked in a drawer as a backup, the same one that got run over by a bucket truck, twice. The screen separated from the body slightly, and there's a permanent discolored spot on the display where I think the entire weight of said truck was balanced on one of the tires studs (winter tires) on the sapphire glass for a moment. When I do my next upgrade, probably in a couple years, I'm definitely going with another Kyo.

  50. qactustick


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    All these comments excited about the sapphire screen clearly didn't hear him when he mentioned the two other phones he's tested on this channel that used sapphire. This ain't the first one, people!

  51. Le Bsh3

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    Jeff anthony Barte

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    Tbh it's not technically worth or financial worth to buy a phone with a sapphire screen cuz phone's can be easily out tech it and technologies today will make that phone obsolete. In my view for now just buy a hard case and a tempered grass screen protector. If magically one day all phone would be equal and have the same technology then I would suggest buying it but that's highly unlikely.

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