The ROG Phone 5 has a Problem - Durability Test Fail!

The ROG Phone 5 is the most powerful gaming phone on the market... but is it durable? Today we find out. Grab your pocket sized Anker Charger here: US: UK: DE: The ROG phone 5 is a pretty expensive and powerful gaming smartphone. Its lost the iconic aerodynamic hump from the previous 3 versions of the phone, and now the ROG 5 has added dual batteries so it can charge faster. But will that compromise the Structural integrity of the ROG 5? I mean... yeah. You've seen the thumbnail. The ROG Phone five definitely has some structural issues....

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  1. Salman khan official

    Salman khan official

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    That's why I didnt buy it🤣

  2. Confidential Classified

    Confidential Classified

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    I bought the ROG phone 5, when I played games without the fan, temeperatures spiked to 48°. Temeperatures reached 42° even with the fan going full blast

  3. Diwas


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    One billion colours are gone but still back side is glowing 😂showing some immortality😂

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    when many dream of owning this smartphone, you can easily damage it 😁

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      Pieter Kock

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    John kayle Cantor

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    so this is a trend now. The weak points of these modern phones is the antenna part (on the outside)

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    Aether Ch. FKG-en-ph

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    zero gamer

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    Marc Ivan Trespicio

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    Im crying all the time seing phone being rig, but gives us knowledge and understanding how they work and durability is awesome.. if you need to dispose the old phone. Mail it here.. 😁😁

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    Mdhbmondal Mondal

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    David Polášek

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    My rog 5 phone still live. But thanks to you, I take care him more. Great phone for games.



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    Can u send me one 😅😅😂



      Prieš 7 dienų

      @Zel I will try my best thanks for your advice 😁👍

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    1:45 wait ain't it a japanese word?

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    Wow you people kill me. Being hurt over a piece of electronic being broken in half. It's just a phone! Only polished and same boring rounded screen style but more gamer oriented in such a terrible quality

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  39. Keith Brooks

    Keith Brooks

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    The phone is like that because they don't expect some sensable person would try to destroy it

  40. Kettune :3

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      Just some guy with a longest name on the internet

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